The People’s DA Coalition represents more than thirty organizations of formerly incarcerated residents, crime survivors, people who were wrongfully convicted, and families with incarcerated loved ones, focused on criminal justice reform in our city and state.

This November, the people of New Orleans have an opportunity to create a new vision for the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office. We demand a reform Prosecutor who embraces fairer, safer, more effective approaches to criminal justice.

A plan for accountability.

The People’s DA Coalition represents professionals, impacted people, and all New Orleanians who seek a fairer and more equitable justice system. Our work began in October 2019, a full 14 months before the 2020 election for District Attorney because we knew we needed to invest the time and effort into providing a clear and resolute roadmap to reform the DA’s office.
Our work does not end with the publication of The Platform. We will work to ensure the election of a reform DA by bringing together all New Orleans in the name of justice. We will hold candidate forums, publish candidate responses, and follow every move of this race so that our voters know exactly where candidates stand on the issues that matter most.

And we will continue to work for the people of New Orleans long after the election. We will hold the new DA accountable to The Platform because it’s expert authors and the people they represent demand to know exactly how this newly elected DA plans to bring real justice reformation to our city. We will issue a post-election report and make it widely available.
The people of New Orleans demand change. The People’s DA Coalition is here to make that happen.

Policy Platform

A Roadmap to Reform

Our mission is to create a District Attorney’s office that is ethical, compassionate and accountable to all of its constituents; a DA’s office that is committed to ending the era of mass incarceration that has so long plagued the New Orleans community.

The people of New Orleans deserve a district attorney that will champion criminal justice reform and work to serve the community as whole. As a coalition, we are united on the following policy platform, and we will hold the next DA accountable to its demands. Read the platform below.

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Arthur Hunter

"Let's make our communities safer and ensure our criminal justice system will be fair rather than unjust, effective rather than chaotic and right rather than wrong."

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Keva Landrum

"Equity. Impartiality. Justice. Accountability. New Orleans deserves it, and as your DA, I'm going to bring it. Together we'll build a system that works for everyone."


Morris Reed

"I would increase the public’s trust in the Criminal Court System by working hard every day to enhance the quality of life in our community and I would try hard to give the public their monies’ worth."


Jason Williams

"I will replace a culture that seeks victory for prosecutors with a culture that seeks justice for victims. It is time to re-imagine and redesign a justice system that equitably serves all people."

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Together, we can ensure the next district attorney of New Orleans is ethical, equitable, compassionate, and accountable. Sign onto the platform. Demand a better future for New Orleans.